Operation systems integration

Operation systems integration

Uteam company supplies website integration services to organization's operation systems. Integration services between the systems allow communication and data transfer between the website and core systems, such as: ERP systems, CRM costumer management system, info management, account and billing systems, email systems, store systems and more.

Uteam company have the experience in data integration to organization's core systems. With our assistance, your company will reach high and immidiate value by efficient management of database and reports flow between website's applications and the management of logistics, promotions, orders, finances, suppliers and more.

CRM - The use of costumer service system is mandatory for any B2C business which focused on daily contact with its costumers via Salesforce, CRM Microsoft Dynamics and others.

ERP - Combination of ERP systems, such as: priority, SAP and Oracle in order to provide forecasts, based on logistic processes and real time orders data. 

BI - BI system integration links to relevant information and database in order to track and analyze business performance and support decision. Thanks to E-Commerce website integration, system administrator will recieve full analysis and report with different parameters