Maintenance, support and web hosting

Maintenance, Support And Web Hosting

Support and Maintenance

We provide professional support and maintenance service, which allows continious activity of your website and continious use by the users. Maintenance and support agreement includes professional consulting. Uteam company offers two different agreement types:

  • Yearly maintenance agreement according to predefined SLA
  • Support according to "bank hours" monthly/ quarterly/yearly

These agreements allows your organization to consume: complementary services, malfunctions solutions, safe development environment , technical assistance and infrastructure expansions in case of heavy burden on the system.
Your business success largely depends on long term support and maintenance services. Uteam is committed to provide their costumers with professional service and personal approach, precise responce to their professional and business needs. Our clients always feel that they in safe and professional hands and can focus on their core business, while we will reduce their running costs and continuously improve their system performance.

 Maintenance and Support agreement allows your business to maintain system integrity, source code, documentation,modification, cross-browser compatibility , troubleshooting and more. In addition to that, maintanence and/or support agreements allow you to upgrade and update your website, as well as improve the graphics and add content. CMS content management system will allow you to upgrade and update the content, to add new moduls and launch new services if needed.


Web Hosting

As a part of web hosting services, servers are being allocated according to the required website or application infrastructure, with dynamic adjustment of the bandwidth,according to the carried traffic. Web site hosting includes ongoing maintenance and support, updates, backups, email, anti-virus systems, burden monitoring, statistics, intactness checking and more.

Web hosting services on one hand allows the organization to focus on their core business and on the other hand guarantees flexebility regarding all infrastructure and bandwitch issues. All this according to ongoing changes of organization's needs and with full control over website's management. Storage is executed on secured servers and only after we set up your database servers, storage space and traffic capacity (bandwitch). Costumers that chosen Uteam as their web hosting company can idependently manage their system on daily basis.