Systems Feature And Analysis

Systems Feature And Analysis

Feature level is essential to determine the requirements and content of the related website or application. This level includes deep analysis of work processes, modules and system entities. The understanding and implementation of those processes is the most important stage, especially when its about complicated content marketing systems. Feature level as well includes system function and operation and also the structure and infrastructure requirements.

 Feature process for commerce websites

The process includes detailed meetings with the client, gathering the relevant requirements, mapping and executing business processes, users profile analysis and defining major functionality as follows:

Use Cases Feature: registration process, shopping cart management, order process.

Catalog management: search engine, stock management process

Products management and optimization: products hierarchy establishment, individual customized support for every client ( for example by size, by colour) promotions and cross&upsale systems.

Clients: personal area on the website, customized product lists, costomized promotions, smart shopping list.

Promotions: Promotions management, upload and download campaigns.

Orders, shipments and their tracking.

Customer service and operations system.

Technologic consulting, platform examination and matching those platforms to required systems such as: e-commerce system.

Payments system and accounts management: using many different payment methods that approved for online commerce. 

Content management, campaign management and promotions management.

 Architecture and Infrastructure: system structure recommendation, including load and security issues.

Integration, mapping internal interfaces between external interfaces and operation systems.

Data model and sources

Social media: examination of e-commerce transactions via social networks.

Mobile Compatibility of the website for different mobile devices.