UI Concept And Graphic Design

UI Concept And Graphic Design

UI plan and graphics design

The user is the main figure and UI planning process on user interface puts the user in the spotlight of process. Website and graphics design activity creates the atmosphere and experience, which is adressed to the user and his expected behavior on the website. The process begins from deep research of user types and their preferences, as well as competitors analysis and deep analysis of the relevant business market. The research and the analysis are executed according to business plans that were marked by the relevant organization.

The process combines personal and group interviews with user experience scenario and worldwide competitors observation.

This process is the base for UI concept creation and from this process derived website structure, navigation process, components location and other services which will appear on the website.

The next level refers to graphics design, colour, icons, navigation elements, styles, headers, and graphic objects. All of them will match company's graphic line and brand book and will strenthen organization's values upon their costumers and partners.


Responsive Design

Allows correct display of different features on different platforms. The main target is to provide the best viewer experience to wide variety of devices, such as: different size screens, mobile devices and tablets. In fact, this is a dynamic interface, which is based on tailored proportions between different content values on the website. As a result you will get an optimized content, which will automatically adapt every device and every screen size. The elements will be organized according to the optimal viewing experience and according to the relevant device and at the same time keeping website's data and content.