• 2012

    Uteam company is a young and growing company, established in 2012. Focused on providing its clients with multi-channel solutions, Following the latest technological innovations and developments, Uteam's initial goal is to develop and implement systems for a small and medium-size businesses as well as deputy supplier for large software companies, hi-tech companies and any other IT business, We offer a professional approach and personalized service for all of our clients and guarantee enjoyable costumer experience.

  • Uteam is specialized on website development and design, digital services and One-Stop-Solutions aimed to reach the business and marketing goals of our clients. Our company mainly focused on plan and implement projects, that include feature, advanced browsing experience, e-commerce websites development, content and corporate websites and providing monitor and control tools for Open Source and .Net based systems operation.

    Our work methods in this enviroment guarantee high standards and maximum match to the various list of needs in WEB world, as well as innovation and personal approach to all our clients. Uteam programmers have years of work experience dealing with software, organization systems and heavy websites development. This experience allows us to challenge even the most complicated and integrated projects and find the perfect technological solution for our clients.

    Uteam company is always committed to high quality service, meeting deadlines, business ethics and personal approach to clients and employees. Based on these values, we will always provide long term high-quality service to all our costumers.




    Software Engineer and Architect



    Platform development, Software and Information systems Engineering Graduate



    CEO & Business Development, Bachelor of Business Administration and Behavioral Sciences


  • Development processess are managed according to structured business work methods and Web Services.

    Through various developments and during all project stages, our company provides to our clients continiously updated information regarding the project progress. We will keep you updated about the planning process, feature, development, testing, content management, human resources, costs management and risk management.


    Uteam operates some of its projects under Scrum development process methods.

    These methods allows us to focus on maximise your business values by strumming the process to short term stages, which allows us to make the necessary modifications and changes in motion. This method is based on 3 main factors:

    1. Costumer's representative, who familiar with the tasks and prioritize tasks
    2. Development team that provides quick professional results and responds to any possible requirements during the process
    3. Project manager - accompanies the process, making sure that the Scrum method is executed in time and as required. This process of "short distance sprints" requires high level of professionalism from the project manager and the development team.